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The one thing that has doubled and tripled over the last few years is data. Data generated by multiple transactions, touchpoints and devices. Though this has created smarter customers, enterprises are still losing out because they are unable to make sense of all this data that is around them. What do customers want?, Where are they heading next?, What can we do to influence their next buy? Most importantly, how can we create painless, value rich experiences that ‘wow’ them?
Read from our selected list to find out how new innovations in technology is scripting customized, personalized experiences.

  • Werner Vogels CTO of warrants out their new BI service which assists in deriving insights from every other existing data source.
  • Why only few brands stand out and others go unrecognizable? By perceiving how customers categorize and prioritize their need, the co-founders of Play Bigger Advisors pick and assert the right mechanism which enables organizations towards new markets.
  • Lately Docker has become the talk of the town. Craig was mind boggled after witnessing the accelerated uptake of the usage of Docker and application containers in production workloads.
  • It is evident this era belongs to mobile, these investment figures from IT giants on mobile apps affirms that additionally.
  • Servers and DB Management are considered to be vain expenditure now and it’s taken over by DBaaS, which suits and optimizes DB management seamlessly.

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