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When To Call Yourself a Software Architect

Right on the heels of our software architecture webinar that concluded last week, we thought it would be fun to drill down on the role of an architect a little further.

Overall, it is the software architect’s job to ensure that the software project is right on track by laying the technology roadmap and strategy toward meeting the business goals. Developers, managers and operations personnel need to feel comfortable and safe on the road toward delivery, however bumpy the ride may get.

Well, this happens to be only the sugary coating of a deeper plot. There are several nitty gritties to be able to call yourself a “software architect”.

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One thought on "When To Call Yourself a Software Architect"

  1. Very Good one. Looking forward to more useful ones like these. Best part is that whatever you’ve mentioned can be applied to any architecture in general, not just software alone. Just the names & roles will differ a little. Happy to see a generic, useful and implementable checklist for architects. Keep it up!

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