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Cloud and Infrastructure Services (CIS)

Qruize is known for customer commitment and deliverables and with our CIS services clients will be on a cruise mode in their operations! With a highly energetic team supported by a host of automated tools makes us a preferred choice for your Cloud Infrastructure Management outsourcing.

Why Work With Qruize?

Leadership team with 100+ cumulative years of experience​

Served clients from start-up to large organizations

One-Stop Shop for
Your Infra management

Qruize has a history of developing automation tools for various infrastructure components 
including cloud. Customers can look forward to reducing their turn around times of issues. 
This in turn helps the overall uptime.

Our Key Services

Advisory and Strategic Consulting

Qruize Senior IT Consultants provide guidance and strategic advice to organizations on how to effectively leverage information technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. IT advisory services assist organizations in making informed decisions about their IT Organiston, Infrastructure , systems, processes, budgets and strategies.

The primary role of an IT advisory service is to help organizations align their IT capabilities with their overall business goals and objectives. This involves understanding the organization’s current IT landscape, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas for improvement, and formulating a strategic plan to optimize IT investments and resources.

IT advisory services help organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing IT landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize their IT investments, mitigate risks, and achieve their business objectives through the effective use of technology

Migration and Managed Services

We have a strong leadership who have spent decades working on various Infra projects, with this Qruize has built in accelerators to help in fast tracking the assessment and migration of assets to Cloud. Our ticketing tool helps in automated resolution of about 40% of the tickets, thus ensuring a superlative customer experience + added to it is our effective FCR.

Migration and managed services are two distinct but interconnected aspects of IT operations and support.

Migration Services: Migration services involve the process of moving an organization’s data, applications, systems, or infrastructure from one environment to another. This could include migrating from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, transitioning from one cloud provider to another, or upgrading to newer versions of software or hardware.

Planning and Assessment

Evaluating the existing environment, identifying migration goals and requirements, and developing a migration strategy and roadmap.

Data and Application Migration

Transferring data, databases, applications, and other assets from the source environment to the target environment while ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption.

Infrastructure and Platform Migration

Moving servers, networking components, storage systems, and other infrastructure elements to the new environment, which may involve reconfiguration or rearchitecting.

Testing and Validation

Conducting testing and validation procedures to ensure that the migrated systems and applications function properly and meet performance and business requirements.

Post-Migration Support

Providing support and troubleshooting during the transition period and addressing any issues or challenges that arise after the migration.

Key services you can rely on us!

Application and
Data Migration



and DR

Managed Services

Managed Services: Managed services involve the ongoing monitoring, management, and maintenance of an organization’s IT infrastructure, systems, applications, and operations. Instead of relying solely on in-house IT resources, organizations outsource certain IT functions to a managed services provider (MSP) to handle day-to-day operational tasks and ensure the smooth functioning of their IT environment.

Managed services can encompass a wide range of IT functions, including:

Infrastructure Management: Monitoring and managing servers, networks, storage, and other infrastructure components to ensure high availability, performance, and security.

Application Management: Supporting and maintaining applications, including patching, updates, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

Security Management: Implementing and managing security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus software, and access controls, to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: Setting up and managing data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity processes to ensure data protection and minimize downtime in case of an unexpected event or system failure.

Help Desk and User Support: Providing end-user support, troubleshooting, and assistance with IT-related issues and inquiries.

Vendor Management: Managing relationships with IT vendors, coordinating service level agreements (SLAs), and ensuring compliance with contractual obligations.

Managed services help organizations offload routine IT tasks, gain access to specialized expertise, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on core business activities. In some cases, migration and managed services may be combined, where a managed services provider assists in planning and executing the migration process and subsequently provides ongoing management and support for the migrated environment. This integrated approach ensures a seamless transition and consistent support throughout the lifecycle of the IT infrastructure or systems.

Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization is the process of reducing your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and Right Sizing computing services to scale.

Cloud optimization is essential for companies that use any Pay Per Use Infrastructure Service (like cloud or SaaS applications) to manage infrastructure costs, boost their engineers’ productivity, and move more operations from on-premises architecture to a cloud environment.

We use standard tools and our proprietary framework depending on the customer needs to implement an effective cost optimization strategy.

Devops and Automation

Qruize team offers an Automation driven CI/CD pipeline to ensure quick deployment and updates to your application. This approach is ideal for the modern applications which can be deployed on Cloud using certain native capabilities of the cloud like microservices. The Pipeline can be deployed on both Private and Public cloud. The Pipeline includes Code management, Testing, VA, Validation and Deployment processes. Various tools are used in the pipeline to enable automated processes.

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