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          Leap ahead with QruizeMate. An Intelligent and Cognitive Automation Suite


          A Simple, Faster and Easy-to-Use Test Automation Suite

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Leap ahead with QruizeMate

An Intelligent and Cognitive Automation Suite helps you to automate day-to-day routine tasks and free up your skilled resources to perform high value tasks.

QruizeMate Empowers Businesses by Deploying Digital Workforces

QruizeMate is an intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) Suite to create digital workforces (BOTs) for the businesses to empower their human workforces. QruizeMate is built with it’s intelligent features that can identify and automate repeated work quickly and efficiently.

Industries We Empower

Features of QruizeMate iRPA Suite


Provides configurable mechanism to read and write data to web/desktop, Mainframe applications

Data Scrapping

Ability to scrape data from web/desktop, Mainframe applications and PDF Documents. Convert unstructured data into a structured data.

Data Extraction

Ability to connect with various standard enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle Enterprise Suite and databases, extract data from word, excel, power point and notepad.

OCR Engine

Ability to read data from scanned images (Only printed documents).

Intelligent Object Detection

Read images and identify objects such as human faces, articles, logos…etc

BOT Management

Allows BOT Jobs to be deployed, removed, viewed and provisioned

BOT Performance Analytics

Provides detailed analysis about every BOT Jobs performance

BOT Agents

BOT Agents can be deployed in desktop/server and executes any automated tasks to be handled while executing the Bot Jobs

Human Agent Interface

Human Agent Interface allows the human agents to perform any manual tasks to be handled while executing the Bot Jobs

Chat/Voice BOT

The Chat/Voice BOT can be used an interface to collect input from the users

QruizeMate will execute processes automatically across
platforms and technologies

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