Software engineering division of Qruize provides the foundation for all the R&D solutions & accelerators we launch
at Qruize. If our cutting edge solutions has achieved great success and has earned the respect of clients and peers
alike in a short span of time, this feat can be attributed only to our DNA imbibed from our applied
research driven division and its remarkable outputs.

We started out by asking ourselves a few basic questions and have helped address the challenges of our customers
by addressing these issues:

  • How information is generated/sourced?
  • How is that information collected and stored?
  • How fast the information is processed and how accurate is the information?
  • How your information/intelligence is shared/accessed by the members of the Eco system?

Key Areas Served

We help organizations to differentiate their offerings by bringing in unique innovative technology solutions using our applied research methodology. The R&D approach helps business to realize their business goals using technology as the differentiator. The outsourced R&D team helps you to develop ideas, proof of concepts and there by having clarity on further technology development starting from Ideation to Development & Testing.

Our Software Engineering division works on technologies that are in line with the company’s vision and on challenges that are faced by businesses today. Our sole objective is to bring in incredible levels of innovations and effciencies in providing the right solutions for a wide range of businesses.

  • Ideation (POCs)
  • Software Architecture
  • Development
  • Sustenance
  • Testing
  • Profesional Services
Key Areas Served Key Areas Served

Technology Expertise

A peek into the various, cool technologies that we work on…

Cloud Computing

    amazon rackspace Apache avro C-Chef hadoop Hive OpenStack Puppet


    java python Dot-Net PHP-mysql PHP


    All-JOyn Android HTML5 iOS PhoneGap

Micro Computing

    NFC Rasberry-Pi


    Apache-Solr MuleSoft Node-JS