Qruize Infra – Managed Services and Automation

Qruize Infra solution offers Managed services for the Infrastructure Management needs of your company. Qruize leverages the Magic platform to automate your regular and routine tasks in the administrator role. It gives the power to create Digital Workforce to augment your human workforce. The Digital Workforces are BOTs that are data-driven, self-learning automation software with a powerful reporting and informative dashboards. These BOTs can improve your SLAs, reduce cost of operations and increase accuracy of delivery resulting in better customer/user satisfaction.

Qruize Infra Benefits and Automation areas

Qruize outsources the Infrastructure Management tasks of customer organizations’ and utilizes the Qruize Magic platform to automate all routine and repetitive tasks. This will help organization to improve the SLA and reduce the costs of Infrastructure management.

Automation in Infrastructure management can bring in several other benefits into your organization – improve the security of administrative tasks, execute regular tasks at specific schedules, initiate certain tasks based on thresh holds resulting in smooth infrastructure operations management. Automation of simpler tasks allow engineers to focus on complex and priority tasks.

Ways to identify the process candidates for Automation

  • Evaluate processes that are repetitive and simple to execute, with L1 skills to start with.
  • Identify repetitive and large volume activities in the L2 domain.
  • Create Automation scripts and BoTs which can run these tasks on demand basis.
  • BoTs can also be deployed for Service Desk activities which will reduce the turn around time for tickets.
  • BoTs can also be triggered for remotely logging into servers to execute certain commands or tasks.
  • BoT dashboard will give us a good understanding of the BoT activities and measure the performance of the BoTs.

Key Areas Served

Service Desk Automation

Be it any industry, you will need an IT Service desk to cater to the User needs and fix the user level problems. This is an ideal process to get automated since a large volume of work in the L1 is repetitive and standard. In fact most service desk tickets are based on the standard operating procedures (SOP) and hence a candidate for Automation.

IT Provisioning - Qruize

Provisioning Automation

All organizations require a standard procedure for on boarding and off boarding employees. This is another set of tasks which can be automated which will reduce the cycle time for on boarding and improve employee satisfaction in the early stages of the work in the company. The automation here can also help Company to realise the potential of the employees at a faster pace.

Patching Automation Icon Qruize

Patching Automation

Regular patches and updates are a tough challenge for the administration team. The patches will have to be tested before deploying and hence a lot of manual work in involved. Automation in these areas will help in ensuring that patches and updates are regularly applied and maintained. This will improve the security maturity of the organization as well.

Monitoring Automation

Monitoring Automation

IT monitoring of the network is a proactive step to ensure better uptimes and service levels for the IT infrastructure. However it is a repetitive and mundane task. Hence creating a BoT to monitor the network eases the workload of the team and ensures faster turnaround of tickets. Automation solution helps in manning the monitoring desks with BoTs with high accuracy and reliability.

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