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QruizeMagic Empowers Global Financial Institution

A global financial institution in India has partnered with Qruize Technologies to implement QruizeMagic. The business objective is to automate their routine and time taking manual process. This bank receives hundreds of emails daily from  client every hour. Each message should be categorized into types, and tasks required by each message must be correctly routed for client service to begin. The time it took to manually execute this high-volume, highly variable work caused errors and delayed the fulfillment of client requests.

Also it incurs huge cost and resource dependent to carryout the execution of this task. Client approached Qruize to automate the process with 100% accuracy, reduced time & cost and eliminate resource dependency.

Using Qruize magic, the bank’s operations team configured an optimized workflow that ingests and digitizes each email and their attachments using RPA. and either executes requests or routes them to the right person. Each time a bot escalates a more complex task to a person, the workflow gets smarter, more work is automated, and fulfilment times drop even further.

The customer exceeded their goal of removing manual effort, delivering a reduction of effort: The manual effort required to understand the request and validate information took a long time now with RPA we have drastically reduced the time.

Are you interested to know more about this engagement (Or) how we can transform your business with QruizeMagic? If the answer is yes, please free to talk to us.

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