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Reuseable components speed up development time

With rising mobile devices on the go today, there’s an increasing pressure on developers to churn out applications daily. In an already mobile infested world, these applications have little time and priority for the average user. The rate at which apps are being churned out have made the mobile marketplace a volatile playground where only the fittest survive.

To help developers be on top of the race and yet create applications that speak of value, here are some components that can be re used for any project, which accelerates development time and go to market value. These modules are helpful to kick start any Android based project.

Logger:  This module allows an app to log debug and error message in a giving details about line number, method name called, class name and of which package it is from. It appends log to user defined file with timestamp.

NetworkRequest” This module allows to make different network requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc with url, optional parameters, optional headers, and it returns two listeners of response and error.

SplashScreen: This module allows an app to splash a screen or image for few seconds before loading the actual app.

DynamicView: This module allows to create different views dynamically on run time for eg.. it can create Imageview, Videoview etc.
Here are some screenshots which detail the component in use:

Login Screen

Splash Screen

Interactive Menu

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