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How RPA is helping non profit institute to save their volunteer’s precious time

About the Non Profit

They are a US based non profit organization to help impart language skills to thier students.

They have volunteers across North America supporting this cause. The students can visit the designated centers where this trainings are carried out. They use one of the prominent online communication platform zoom. But, the challenge is everytime, when the student wants to take up the session, one of their volunteer should be available to intiate the scheduled meeting. It’s really taking up the effort of the non profit to ensure that the student as well as the volunteers are available to carry out a successful session every single time in hundreds of centres across the country.

To save the time of volunteer as well as the efforts from non profit, they choose to go for RPA. The BOT will ensure to play the role of the volunteer to successfully launch the zoom everytime when the session is scheduled in the portal and make all the necessary things available for the students learn from the tutor.

Though it might look simple, this is a great usecase for RPA and such things literally removes the dependency of the volunteer and you can use their time effectively for something else which BOTs cannot do.

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