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User Experience and Customer Experience – An Introduction

Everyone loves Fridays, for understandable reasons.

At Qruize, this past Friday was something we all looked forward to. Our in-house ‘Frat(ernity) Friday’ session was enriched by the presence of Mr.Nandhakumar, Founder of Dreamworx, Chennai who enlightened us on a few basic concepts revolving user and customer experience (commonly abbreviated UX/CX).

Overall, Qruizers got a flavor of what user experience management is about: combining information architecture which is the high level system blueprint, interaction design that deals with page level detailing, usability ensuring functionality at the design stage and branding applied to measure customer perception across channels.

The idea is to provide a rich and consistent experience across channels and screen sizes which has become crucial to any digital experience today with multi-channel reach and a mobile first strategy.

Mr. Nandhakumar patiently addressed queries and clarifications before everyone broke for our Frat Friday ritual: fried oily snacks!

IMG-20141212-WA0001 IMG-20141212-WA0004

We extent many thanks to Mr. Nandhakumar for joining us and Raja who’s enterprising attributes led to an interesting and informative Friday session.

IMG-20141212-WA0005 IMG-20141212-WA0003

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